Easy Like Thursday Morning

Waking up I reach over for some water, turn on my reading lamp, and dive into some books before getting out of bed.  My bed sits deep in a room where the only outside light arrives from distant windows.  Down pillows are a must.  I sleep holding a pillow and truly believe that there are few things in life as satisfying as flipping over a pillow to the cold side in the early hours of the morning and falling back into your dreams.

When I finally roll out of bed the first thing I do is slip into these amazing guys.  Its almost as if Im letting my feet sleep in as they fall into these warm slippers.  These stay on as long as possible.  Sometimes I will actually sneak out of the house with them and wear them to run errands.  Keeps a smile on my face throughout the morning.  Everybody should own a pair of these.  My old uggs got such good use that I eventually tore through them and had to toss them.  There was one night in Seattle a few years back when I had taken my first, only, and last hit of acid.  My buddy Nick had given me a Necco wafer wrapped in foil and told me that he had dripped some acid on it a while back and was saving it for me.  Looking at this I thought that there was no way this little wafer was going to make me trip….needless to say it was a long night.  My sister and I had split a wafer and enjoyed the beauty of life.  I had gone to the Eastlake Zoo for some shuffleboard and beers before deciding it was time to get back somewhere safe.  I was in no condition to be around strange people.  I remember this girl at the pool table and she had the most amazing neck and shoulders.  I saw a piece of art but my buddy soon reminded me that her boyfriend probably wouldnt understand that I was seeing an object of beauty, not just an object of sex appeal.

My buddy’s dad owned a building on Westlake, the American Meter and Appliance building, and the top level was an amazing industrial loft.  All I wanted was my uggs and a sweet cocktail.  Hours and hours and hours went on of thinking everything was ok.  Every now and then the drugs would kick in and the heater would be breathing fire and the lights would be laser beams.  Laughter was uncontrollable as was letting a song finish before changing the record in anticipation for a bigger and better one.

I needed some Pete time. My uggs and ipod and I made for the rooftop.  360 degree views of Seattle, Queen Anne, Lake Union, Wallingford, and Capitol Hill made for a Hail to the Thief dance party.  I remember it was about 5 a.m. and I was dancing as the moon was setting and the sun was rising.  My last spiritual experience prior to that of Sigur Ros just a few weeks ago.

Reading, uggs, now coffee.  I am spoiled to be so close to Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  My sister having worked at the Albina Press means we know and are friends with everyone so we get lots of coffee for not lots of money (that sentence sounds funny but works).  The coffee really comes down to the mood.  The Guatemalan is so tasty and bold and needs no doctoring to fcuk you up on caffeine in the morning.  The Ethiopian has this strange fruity aroma, almost like fruity pebbles that gives you a weird aftertaste that keep you coming back for more until the pot is empty.  If you want to know more about Stumptown, I dont know why you would, let me know. I am working on a 35 page marketing assessment of their company and how they differentiate from other coffee roasters.  If you want a fresh pound of coffee let me know. I usually send a pound with each book I mail from the ‘book swap’ group i created on facebook.

My sad attempt at a Warhol photo or a Velvet Underground album cover.  I love bananas.  Bottom line.  I mix them into my breakfast smoothies, eat them all day, and love their character.  My friend Katie and I were in Costa Rica and were lucky enough to visit Tortuguero.  It was a long journey from San Jose, headed east towards the Caribbean, driving through the rainforest, jungle, mountains, and finally approaching the endless stretch of bananas before we boarded our boat.  We took a boat two hours up canals along the coast until we hit this paradise of Tortuguero.  That is an entirely different post that deserves more time than this.  Remind me to tell you about that journey.

Gotta practice.  If Im going to be famous it wont be acting in Hollywood or being a star athlete.  It will be playing venues and giving people the gift and joy of music.  Mornings are best for developing new chord progressions, riffs, or simply playing old favorites.  It’s not a dove but if any of you win the lottery or want to buy me one, by all means, I will be forever grateful. 

After some reading, coffee, guitar, breakfast, I head to the turntable and put on some music.  This week it has been The Bends.  This was the first piece that Stanley Donwood  designed for Radiohead, and it makes for a great focal point in this particular corner of the room.  Side A of The Bends covers every emotion I want to feel in a morning.  Needle down, shower on, morning is rapidly coming to an end.  For those of you that are not familiar with Stanley Donwood, you should get to know his work, not only visually, but his literary pieces as well.  

After a shower, it’s finally time to check the emails, school assignments, readings, news, etc.  My 50’s formica top chrome table is my workspace that offer great light through the abundance of trees I have outside the window directly above.  It looks as if I am in the lush forest that Murakami describes in Kafka on the Shore.  I am lost here and no one can ever find me.  Only I know the way out but many cannot get in.  Its a mystifying yet startling sense of security that I have not fully come to understand yet.

Once the shoes are out and the socks are on, it is time to get on with my day.  Putting on my shoes means my day will not end until I take them off sometime in the later part of the evening.  Occasionally I get to remove them if I have the opportunity for a power nap, but even then I tend to leave them on.  If my shoes are off during a nap I am much more likely to sleep for more than an hour as opposed to the 20 minutes I was really looking for.  I love putting my shoes on.  I may have an agenda for the day, but I never really know if I am going to meet my future wife, find $20 on the street, or learn something I will want to share with all of you.  Here comes the sun.


                                                         Welcome to Broken Chairs.


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