Girls in Basketball Shorts

There is nothing right about this.  What is it about girls in basketball shorts that makes them so unattractive?  Let’s see…three women that I would love to have dinner with:

1) Zooey Deschanel

2) Sienna Miller

3) Jenny Lewis

If I had the opportunity to have dinner with any of the three listed, and they showed up in basketball shorts, I would walk away.  Now I am not talking about the cute little basketball shorts from the 70s that girls will sometimes wear with tube socks and Converse, while sporting a fake afro and sunglasses on Halloween. Im speaking of those girls that wear the baggy shorts that hang below their knee caps and take away their womanly figures.  

This may be a crude, mean approach and judgement of talented female basketball players, and I am not a sexist by any means, I just cannot stand the site of a girl in basketball shorts.  

The NBA went from shorts shorts to long shorts, I think its time for female basketball players to do the opposite.  Turn in those long, baggy, mesh, jersey shorts, for some little thigh highs.  I know this may be random but I couldn’t help be bothered by this woman at the gym last night.  It just looks like girls are wearing mens shorts whenever they put them on.  I wont say anymore about it, it just bugs me.


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One response to “Girls in Basketball Shorts

  1. flappergirlcreations

    Ha! Maybe those shorts just remind you of Rob from the ol’ Clark Indy, and that’s why it makes your dick shrivel up.

    Just sayin’.

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