It was Tuesday, September 2, 2003.  Jeff Buckley had played his show at the East Village Sin-é  years earlier, but the CD release well after his death was released and I needed to have a copy of it.  I had just had a long day of school, a few hours of work, and my car was in the shop.  I had been riding my road bike endlessly and the only thing on my mind was getting a copy of this double disc.  It was late and I knew the only place open was the Virgin records on Sunset Blvd.  

Now I loved in the Valley.  Being off of Whitsett, between Coldwater and Laurel, I knew I had a trek ahead of me either over Laurel at night or venturing over Cahuenga pass.  It was a warm evening allowing me to wear shorts and a wind-breaker.  I left my place around 11 p.m., giving myself an hour to get there.  

I miss my night rides through the streets of Los Angeles.

I rode through North Hollywood into Studio City, admiring the homes anticipating my climb over Cahuenga pass.  I hit Ventura Blvd at Lankershim, passing the In n Out on my left I was making great time and the traffic was nowhere to be seen (another joy of night riding in Los Angeles).

I climbed quickly over the pass shooting down past the Bowl and into Hollywood.  The lights, billboards, and stars on the sidewalk surrounded me.  I was on the home stretch.  I cruised up Sunset and made it to Virgin with time to spare.  I took a gander around, listened to some other CDs, but the only thing I needed was Jeff Buckley.


Upon making my purchase I contemplated taking the train back over the hill but decided to take advantage of the late summer evening and cruised back into the Valley over Barham, back down onto Ventura, grabbing a strawberry shake at In n Out, anticipating the intimacy of Jeff Buckley’s East Village show.  I got home and put the CD into my new investment, my BOSE wave radio.  I had a joint waiting for me, jumped in the shower, kicked back, enjoyed a smoke, and listened to both albums in their entirety.

I hope that you all can one day do the same.  If you want me to join you, just let me know…without the joint this time.  My doc probably wouldnt be too happy.




Life’s too short, Jeff Buckley speaks the truth.


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