Bay of Fires

Years ago I arrived at my apartment to see that my monthly issue of Travel + Leisure had arrived.  It was always obvious when one of my magazine subscriptions arrived.  The dusty, off-white metal mailbox was only designed to hold a few bills and letters.

At the time I was living in North Hollywood.  I had a cozy one-bedroom corner unit on Whitsett between Coldwater and Laurel.  I had a box that Brit had given me as a gift that read, “The Little Things Matter.”  The woman I worked for had a very personal weed dealer that would send her a menu, take her order, and deliver shortly there after.  She was kind enough to include me on some of these orders, so my “Little Things Matter” box was always filled with a green treat for me to enjoy when my new magazines arrived.

Flipping through the magazine in a mellow, untroubled state of mind, I came across a destination that has always stood out in my mind.  Ive had the fortune of traveling Rome, Cuba, and Paris.  Swimming in Costa Rica, exploring Belfast, and the sights of Paris still do not amount to my desire to see this Tasmanian Shangri-LA called Bay of Fires Lodge.


Designed by architect Ken Latona, the lodge sits at ‘the edge of Mount William National Park on Tasmania’s rarely visited northwest shore.’  It is a rather expensive trip for such a short journey, but I have so often imagined sitting within Latona’s creation looking out over the beautiful unchartered waters.  You cannot get there by plane or boat.  You have to hike in on a guided tour over the course of only a few days.  I think what makes the thought if Bay of Fires so appealing is the reward of a two day walk through Tasmania, ending at the lodge.  I can imagine myself and my closest friends laughing and loving every moment of the adventure, referring to the adventure time and time again for years to come.  Anyone want to go?  I think we should plan this within a trip to Australia and New Zealand.  A month of travel with many rewards, ending with all of us here.



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