Little Luxuries

As many of you may know my birthday falls on Christmas.  Just in case one of you happens to win the lottery, megabucks, or powerball, I only want two things.

1. Tag Heuer Monaco watch



























2. 1958 BMW 507



I think the odds of Artie Lange overdosing are better than any of us winning the big.  I hope Lange is alive long enough for me to start a career and strive for these items.   The watch I could put on a credit card and pay it off for the next ten years.  The car, well Ill need to make my first million pretty soon and continue to do so for the years following.  What’s wrong with dreaming?

The closest I have been to the 507 was a newer remodeled Z8.  When living in New York, Rees and I would take the train down to Princeton, NJ over the weekend.  Both his mom, dad, step-mom, and step-dad live in or around Princeton.  We would spend an equal amount of time at both locations, both beautiful, and have many stories to tell that revolve around stealing expensive bottles of vintage wine from either wine cellar, smoking Marlboros, and making the best of times in rural New Jersey.

One weekend we drove down to Lambertville and crossed the delaware for lunch in New Hope, PA (Ween’s hometown for those of you that dont know).  His step-dad and mother had their real estate office down there and we all had lunch together.  It was a warm, mid-summer day, and after lunch, we were all heading back to Princeton.  Rees’ stepdad asked me if I wanted to ride back with him.  I found it kind of strange but soon found out that it was to be better a ride to remember.  



We got into a 2002 BMW Z8 convertible.  It was black with red leather interior and easily, the most beautiful car I have ever been in.  Top down, cruising the back roads of PA and New Jersey, passing cars on beautiful one-lane highways…I made my decision.  One day I will own this car, but the original version.  Still a long way from achieving this goal, but again, what’s wrong with dreaming?



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  1. hop

    The poor Z8 that sat in a garage for 2 years to hide from a divorce proceeding? Damn shame.

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