Top 10 (Women)

10) ______ ____  

This girl still drives me nuts.  I havent seen her face in months and have no idea where she has gone off to.  She used to work at Crow Bar and she would always serve me with a smile.  It is her job to keep customers happy and keep her tip jar filled.  She was shy but had a sense of confidence about her that made her so sexy.  Her blue hair turned black, straight hair turned curly, she would lean one hand against the juke box, dirty bar towel in her back pocket, and pick some Motown classics that filled the dead, dark room with soul.

I have described her to some of my friends receiving mixed reactions.  Those who understand the image I am trying to portray, see it, and love it.  Others are too immature and call me childish  names.  I will see how well I receive the description from the readers.  It is fairly simple.  The best way to describe her, apart from being beautiful with a perfect neck, and sexier back, is to compare her to someone.  Now the only person I can think of is a man, which immediately sends mixed messages or confusion.  From a completely straight standpoint, demonstrating confidence in my sexuality, she looks like a female version of Gael Garcia Bernal.  I must admit, he, like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Chris Martin,  is a very handsome attractive human being.  Bernal has a feminine look to him that she takes on in full effect.  She has that powerful smile that reveals no teeth.  Jeans fit her well, and her voice has a tone to it that you would like to hear when you wake up in the morning.  Sadly, I do not know what happened to her.  I am happy to have known her and exchanged minimal bar talk about family and friends.  I just wish I could see her again.


9) Eva Mendes

Mendes makes the list for pure sexiness and carnal desires.  An early scene with her and Joaquin Phoenix in We Own the Night exposes her bare beauty.  She has the skin tones and the eyes that are sure to only get better with age.  Her Cindy Crawford-esque mole adds a touch to her natural beauty and her lips are perfectly shaped.


8) Jenny Lewis

I met Jenny Lewis in Glasgow, Scotland when Rilo Kiley was opening for Modest Mouse at King Tut’s.  It wasn’t until I heard her voice and saw her eyes that I immediately developed a crush on her.  Over the years she has progressively made great music and continued to use her sex appeal on stage.  Seeing her hold a guitar is an automatically granted spot on the list.


7) Eva Green

She makes the list simply for her classic beauty.  Something about the slight droop in her eyes drives me nuts.


6) Gwyneth Paltrow

No explanation.  She is a timeless beauty that regardless of her role in films, brings out the best of each character.  Christ Martin is lucky man.


5) Sienna Miller

A girl with a few freckles on her nose is perfect.  Sienna Miller was not a pick until I saw her on a Late NIght Show.  She seemed like a real person with a great personality that loved to have fun.  Her entire segment was entertaining, showing that she was smart and loved adventure.  But those freckles…mmm.


4) Michelle Monaghan

Monaghan has that blue-blood All American look.  She too has the freckles, pale skin, and perfectly shaped eyebrows. She has a smile and sexiness that I have only seen in Liv Tyler.  Her beauty comes from looking so normal.  


3) Olga Kurylenko

She was the new Bond girl.  Her accent and natural beauty make her a classic fit for the 22nd Bond installment.  She is a bit more exotic that the prior women, and her full lips and perfect skin make her most desirable.  


2) Mila Kunis

This girl used to bug the shit out of me.  I couldnt stand her in That 70’s Show, and her voice as Meg in Family Guy was unbearable.  After seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall, all opinions prior disappeared.  She is perfect.  I dont know what else to say, If it werent for Deschanel’s attitude would have slipped into the number one slot.


1) Zooey Dechanel

She is so sexy.  Her voice is deep and monotone, and she rarely smiles.  She has small roles in movies that carry more power than others could bring.  Her role as She in She&Him has lifted her to the indie music world spotlight with M. Ward.  Her black hair and blue eyes on top of that bleached skin, has me wanting nothing more than to have the opportunity to sit down and have a cup of coffee with her.




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2 responses to “Top 10 (Women)

  1. Ana Rosa

    Have you seen Zooey on the Offspring’s video of “She’s Got Issues?” Zooey is quite a funky and vertile type of girl. 😛

  2. Ben is completely in love with Zooey Deschanel too and i’m not going to lie, I have a girl crush. haha. Nice blog!


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