Happy Thanksgiving

I wish I could be with all of you, some more than others, and others more than them.  There are a handful of people I am incredibly thankful for and they know who they are.  There are others that I am thankful for that may not know it yet, but one day they will.

I hope all of you are able to spend the holiday with those you love. It has been a rough few months for many of us, coming to an age where we are thankful for much more than we realize.  So many things we have taken for granted all these years have surfaced as elements that make us the people we are today.  Just know, you, me, our friends, and families, we will be ok if we stick together and can count on one another during the tough times.  Just when you think have it bad, or things are turning for the worse, step back and reassess what you once had and think of those that continue to have far less than we can ever fathom.  Take what you’ve got and share that gift with others.  Share you and be thankful for you.

Thank you for you.

Here are a few of my favorites…(Sorry if your picture didnt make it, email it to me and I’ll insert it too).



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