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Mess With Time

If only we could mess with time.  I’ve had  conversations with  friends over the course of the week about being patient with life’s journey.  You get to an age where you begin to understand that some of the greatest joys take an investment of time.  If you sit back and look at time as a commodity, you have a relatively large surplus of seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years…we just need to make good use of what is given to us.

Many people come to the immediate conclusion that time does not move as fast as we’d like.  In reality, most have not managed their time as efficiently as they could have and use the excuse of time moving slowly to compensate for their inadequate use of the past few years.  I am not saying that we live in regret of decisions made or paths chosen, but at some point one has to sit down, analyze life, and see that we need to slow down.

I stopped to get a cup of coffee at the press today.  The coffee shop seems like one of the few places left where time truly stands still.  A mix of 20 somethings, new parents, old couples, kids, and dogs hover around this corner coffee shop.  Standing there I can truly slow down and take a look around, understanding that I am not alone.

I like to enjoy my coffee along the edge of the bar so I can catch up with whomever may be working.  They are my friends and we let loose for a few moments, allowing laughter to overtake any worries or thoughts that may be troubling us…at times, finding light in dark matters.  Brian and I were chatting about nothing.  Mindy was rambling about a hip hop label she would name Poh Pih which is Hip Hop backwards.  Brian and I just asked her what the fuck she was talking about and curious as to what drugs she had taken. It was then that Brian’s girlfriend, Valentine,  approached the bar from her stool across the counter.  She asked if we knew what “chickens coming home to roost meant.”  In situations like this I tend to shy away from a potential answer at the fear of being wrong; I really wish I would stop doing this.  Mindy took a wild stab at the meaning, allwoing us to erupt in laughter, for she was incredibly off.  Although I wanted to suggest a haunting past I was more entertained with the shots in dark. Here it is: earlier actions coming back to cause trouble for a person.

Valentine read Mindy’s, then Brian’s, finally turning her attention to me.

“What’s your sign?”

She proceeded to read the words that followed the headline: Capricorn Dec 23 – Jan. 20.  Verbatim, the words read, “You are so busy trying to beat the other guy to the front of the line that you don;t realize another check stand is open.”

It hit me like a fucking pile of bricks.  My cheeks warmed and I returned to my paper and cup of coffee.  I quickly wiped the beads of sweat that appeared across my brow and just stood silent for a few moments as Valentine returned to her stool at the bar.  I looked across at her and she made eye contact with me.  It was then that I just stated across the coffee shop, “That just hit me like a fucking dagger to the chest.”  She already knew this.  She told me that she saw it in me from the moment she finished those last words.  Her description involved her hands and a gesture signaling my heart exploding.

A place where I go to slow down time actually made time stop today.  I wandered around this still state looking at life and realizing that although it would be nice to mess with time, I have to slow down and meet my needs in the middle.  I will never catch up to ideas or thoughts the way they catch up to me.

I’ll leave you with the thought of time and what it means to you.  Maybe a person comes into your life that makes you wish you could go back and choose the road less traveled.  You reach that fork in the road and truly believe you have a 50-50 opportunity of making the right choice when in all reality, you will always be wrong.

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