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Top 10 Songs of 2008

10) Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

I have to admit, Ben Gibbard is an amazing pop song poet.  Match that with Chris Walla, and you have an unstoppable indie-emo-pop-culture album that will sell you CDs, Tickets, and the chance to enjoy the best job on the planet.  The album version is a few minutes longer than the radio edit, but this is where you can hear the Walla/Greenwood ties Ive talked about before. Fuck, they kind of look the same too.  I just want to hear some more Postal Service.

9) MGMT – (tie) The Youth & Weekend Wars

MGMT played a headlining show at Holocene this year.  I was there to see Yeasayer….so was most of the crowd.  Many of us had yet to hear “Time to Pretend,” and were satisfied after hearing 2080 and an encore performance of “Wintertime.”  About a week later I realized the mistake I had made.  I just missed MGMT in a tiny 100 person venue. They returned to the Doug Fir some months later.  I had to make some phone calls and ask for a few favors to get into this sold out show.  I got there, made my way to the front, and watched these kids make music that was twice their age. I felt reborn in an different era.  A time when psychadelic rock ruled non conforming kids of the Bay and beyond.  The crowd was there to hear “Time to Pretend.”  I was there unaware that I was going to hear two of my favorite songs this year.

8) Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

Watch Out.  The Fleet Foxes have introduced themselves, now they will continue to grow for quite some time before maturing. Dont ever expect a decline in quality and lyrics from these guys.

7) Nine Inch Nails – Head Down

Trent Reznor continues to fuck my mind with his music.  The Slip was a free release that followed Radiohead’s In Rainbows and showed that the best can do it on their own.  The synthesizer in this song put it in the top 10.  Seeing it live almost made it #1, that would be unfair to the others…their show was the best one I saw all year.

6) The Helio SequencceHallelujah

A beautiful song.  Big sound.  Two guys. WTF!? This song put a smile on face all year when times were tough.

5) Okervil River Lost Coastlines

Packed and all eyes turned in, no one to see on the quay. No one waving for me just the shoreline receding. Ticket in my hand and thinking wish I didn’t hand it in. Cause who said sailing is fine? leaving behind all the faces that I might replace if I tried on that long ride, looking deep inside but I don`t want to look so deep inside yet. 

Sit down, sit down on the prow to wave bye, there might not be another stop, farther on the line. Look out, look out at each town that glides by, and there’s another crowd, to drown in crying eyes. And see how that light you love now just won`t shine, there might just be another star, that`s high and far in some other sky. 

We sing, is that marionette real enough yet to step off of that set and decide what her hands might be doing. Ruining the play and in the ensuing melee escape. We packed up all of our bags the ship’s deck now sags from the weight of our tracks as we pace beneath flags black and battered rattling our swords in service of some feted, foreign lord. 

And Jonathan says we sail out on order of him but we find that the maps he sent to us don’t mention lost coastlines. Where nothing we’ve actually seen has been mapped or outlined and we don’t recognize the names upon strange signs. 

And every night finds us rocking and rolling on waves wild and wide, well we have lost our way, nobody`s gonna say it outright. Just go la la la la la la la la la..

4) Hercules and Love Affair – Blind

This was tough not to put at the top. I dance every time I hear this.  I couldnt copy Pitchforkmedia so I bumped them a few spots. FUCK!  Did you know I like to dance?  I dont do it that often, but when I do, I put my dancing shoes on and boogie.  The night ends with me exhausted and sweaty.  I dance hard. I dance all night. Let’s Dance!

3) Hot Chip – One Pure Thought

Hot Chip and Hercules go back and forth.  Hot Chip’s live show puts them higher.  These UK dance dweebs get down.  Again, I like to dance.  The intro is fucking killer.

2) Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened

If you dont play music, start now.  The structure of this song is sounds so simple, but watching it live makes you appreciate how good these guys are at their art.  They bring back Sonic Youth and Pavement with their own mix and feel good sound.  (No other band on this list has a female guitar player that I would love to do nasty things to. I love you Whitney Petty).

1) Wolf Parade – Kissing the Beehive

Reiterating on the appreciation of playing music, structuring an 11-minute track is quite the feat.  This song has three parts, they all fit, each one offers a piece to the puzzle, putting together my favorite song and video of 2008.  It was tough to bump Deerhunter out of the slot, but Wolf Parade may not reach this spot again…Deerhunter will do it many times over.


Lost on a river our hearts beat regular time
Well the landscapes don’t
The rivers flowing by
We’re just drifting all night long hands to the sky
And a captain, oh he is never denied

I heard them singing out from shore, hands at the sides
Someone brought a rifle overhead to tear at the sky
We’re just drifting all night long here with the flies
And the captain, oh he is never denied

As if you didn’t know that it would sting
Kissing the beehive
And pissing down the mountain side in the rain
As if you didn’t know that it would sting
Kissing the beehive
And fucking up your finger from pushing on the ring

Well we lay
On frigid shores of light
We need nothing of his bitter care, oh
Something strange
And the coast line
Still we need nothing of his bitter hand, oh

I wish I could believe in you
Crashing all the weddings wearing white
But we all hate the landlord baby
It’s all right, it’s all right
I wish I could believe in who you are
You held your cock in the air and you called it a guitar
You put your face on the glass and you called it good cinema, oh
As if you didn’t know that it would sting

Oh, oh, ohhhh

Johnathan, Johnathan
Waterfalls are running thin you know
Here’s a holy grail for you to hold
Fire in the hole, fire in the hole, fire in the hole

I’m not a wild party
I’m just an evening at the show
Put the ring back on and take your husband home
Fire in the hole, fire in the hole, fire in the hole

Radio, radio
Why did you leave Virginia’s side
It’s an alibi, we all know how the music died
Fire in the hole, fire in the hole, fire in the hole

Johnathan, Johnathan
Waterfalls are running thin you know
Here’s a finger made from me for you to hold
Fire in the hole, fire in the hole, fire in the hole

Estranged from the captain’s light
And his bitter hand
Estranged from the captain’s light
And his bitter hand 


Honorable Mention______________________________________


Beach Ho     useHeart of Chambers

                                                  Cut          Co py Hearts           on Fire

Pass                      ion PitIve Got                             Y          our Number

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Song of the Year?

My generation has their own Sonic Youth meets Pavement, with a sexier than early Kim Deal chick rocking on guitar, incredibly talented group of individuals called Deerhunter.  This may make the top of the concert list for the year and certainly up for best song.  Yo Malkmus and Moore, listen up, its finally happening.

Only when I dream but there some way out
You learn to talk, you learn to shout
Fo   cus on depth that was never there
A lemonade what you can’t repain

Nothing ever happened to me
Nothing ever happened to me
Nothing ever happened to me
Life jus  t passing, flash right thru me

See                                    thru the wind to awakened stream
Adj ust yr ey  es to the state of things
Focus on depths that was never there
Nothing’s easy nothing’s fair

Nothing ever happened to me
Nothing ever happened to me
Nothing ever happened to me
Life just passing, flash right thru me

I never, saw it coming
waiting for something, for nothing
I never,

saw it coming
waiting for something, for nothing

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Top 10 Albums



10) MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

This was many of our soundtracks through 2008.  Whether you heard them in movies, commercials, or live, you left wishing you were alive in the 60s to witness the real thing.  Young guys making an old sound and doing it really well.

my picks: weekend wars, pieces of what



9) Death Cab For Cutie – Narrow Stairs

Why is this on the list?  The same reason Coldplay made the list. Production and potential.  Gibbard is an amazing poet and indie love song genius.  Where the credit really goes is to Chris Walla.  Walla is a pacific northwest indie band version of Johnny Greenwood.  Greenwood has the advantages of being in the biggest best band in the world, but Walla has taken DCFC to festival main stage spotlight, while maintaing focus on incredible sound and engineering.  Put Greenwood and Walla in a room and the two may never rejoin their bands.  They could engineer every great album for the next 30 years.  Hopefully they do it in Portland and they do it for me.

my picks: bixby canyon bridge, i will possess your heart



8) Deerhunter – Microcastles

This might be the best show of 2008.  Still have about a dozen shows left but these guys are certainly at the top of the list.  They dont just sound good, they sound smart.  Listen to this Sonic Youth meets Brian Eno, Pavement meets b-side Nirvana, and just fucking try to create something this good.

my picks: nothing ever happened (over and over and over and over again….amazing piece of music)



7) Flight of the Conchords – Flight of the Conchords

Bret and Jermaine keep it coming.  We have all heard their songs.  We have all seen their show.  Yet another subpop fucking goldmine. Season 2 starts in January.

my picks: the most beautiful girl (in the room), a kiss is not a contract, bowie



6) Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes

Eat your heart out Jim James. Robin Pecknold is sure to collaborate with M. Ward, James, and Oberst in the near future.  He fits the bill and will only take the subpop label to new levels.

my picks: white winter hymnal, your protector




5) Beck – Modern Guilt

It’s been hard for Beck to grow since he came out of the gates running.  He has been far ahead of his game for so long.  Now that he is slowing down and stepping backwards, we get to hear what Beck has waited so many years to give us, the basics.

my picks: gamma ray, chemtrails



4) TV On The Radio – Dear Science

Find something else this loud and good and I will take them off the list.

my picks: halfway home, lover’s day



3) NIN – The Slip

Trent Reznor is an icon in the modern industrial music world.  He thrives for new sound and incredible production.  His shows are powerful and his presence more so.  He has created rock anthems for years, screaming of animal fucking and depression, he will always give his fans more.  One of the best live shows you will see.  

my picks: Echoplex, Head Down, 1,000,000



2) Wolf Parade – Mount Zoomer

Wolf Parade is the band I continually heard when entering coffee shops, music stores, and bars.  I always left wondering what the fuck it was I was listening to.  What Wolf Parade offers is a sense of curiosity and surprise.  An extra note here, a double up on the high hat there, each song progressively lightens up my life.  The first album I listened to upon moving into my new place was their Apologies album.  I hadnt set up my speakers, didnt have internet, and was left to enjoy my vinyl.  Wolf Parade delivers a solid sound that you can never get sick of.  They also have one of the best album covers of the year, serious, how tacky and awesome is Mount Zoomer!

my picks:  language city, call it a ritual




1) The Helio SequenceKeep Your Eyes Ahead

This album has taken this Portland duo to the next level.  Summers song writing fit the NW INdie mold, and Weikel’s drumming is the best of the top 10 albums.  It takes the knowledge of knowing that this band is only two people to really appreciate them.  LIttering Portland with shows for the last nine years, fans got sick of the same sound over the course of their albums.  The sound was fun and consistent but overdone on almost every track.  Keep Your Eyes Ahead has made them Sub Pop sweethearts.  Enjoy.

my picks:  Lately, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, Hallelujah 








Honorable mention- Cloudcult, Atmosphere, She & Him and Coldplay

Cloudcult self produces and creates a unique uplifting sound.  Atmosphere is the best hip hop act out there.  Ironically both Cloud Cult and Atmosphere live only miles from one another in Minneapolis.  She & Him makes me want to hold my sweetheart close at my prom in the 50s.  Coldplay almost went from honorable mention to number one on the list.  The album overall is awful.  There is no hit single like Yellow, no beauty of Green Eyes, no rock ballads that X&Y give, and sadly, just disappoints.  But, it’s Chris martin and although this may be their worst album release to date, it was produced by Brian Eno and the production is amazing.  The sad thing is, when overproduced, good luck recreating that live.  Hopefully this downfall in their sequence of success will give us a follow up that will be that of OK Computer and Joshua Tree.  Fingers crossed.

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